A unique Scottish experience on the Island of Jura

Scotland can sometimes feel a little overwhelming in terms of the scale of stunning natural beauty, boasting as it does so many sightseeing stops, endless scenery to enjoy and unlimited adventures to take part in.

But with a little tailor-made planning in the initial stages, you can get the very most out of your holiday and take the pressure or even confusion out of travel planning.

Scenic Mountain Biking

Scenic Mountain Biking

While more than one lifetime would be needed to see everything the stunning country has to offer, make your start today by drawing up a list of your top priorities and let us do the rest in terms of devising a suitable plan to make it happen.

With much to enjoy on the mainland, around Loch Lomond or into the vibrant, unique cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, or indeed further north beyond Glen Coe and Fort William to Loch Ness and on, whole adventure holidays can be spent without even taking a boat to one of the seemingly endless islands.

The scenery of each is individually amazing, offering something to suit all tastes. No trip to an island would be a disappointment, providing a unique insight into another little corner of the nation.

Accessing each of the islands can be another story, which each having their own drop off and departure points, each setting sail from specific and often remote locations. Let us do the hard work for you, safe in the knowledge we’ll help you get to where you need to be, in order to head on with the rest of your holiday adventure.

Up close and Personal with the Wildlife on Jura, I don't know who got the bigger scare? 

Up close and Personal with the Wildlife on Jura, I don't know who got the bigger scare? 

Jura is one such special island well worth a visit. With just 150 residents despite its considerable size, the island is close enough to the mainland it can be reached in under an hour, yet distinctly remote enough to offer a feeling of genuine isolation and wildness. Reach its west coast and you may have it entirely to yourself, save for herds of magnificent red deer which vastly outnumber the humans on this magical land.

Take your bicycles across and head north from the island’s only village, Craighouse, where you’ll experience an at-times challenging ride but with beautiful sightseeing opportunities, from stunning loch inlets to potentially seals, otters and eagles nearby. The welcome from locals never ceases to amaze you in such places, and Jura is no different. Half way up the island one resident puts out ‘Tea on the beach’ each morning, asking for small donations in return for hot tea or coffee and cakes. It can feel like a mirage after a long cycle but, no, people really are this caring for their visitors.

Beyond that, as the island’s one road ends, Jura becomes a dirt track on to the house where George Orwell wrote the world-famous novel 1984. Beyond that a natural whirlpool at the top of Jura, always a draw or tourists. There are challenging peaks too, the Paps of Jura, for those into their climbing.

Jura will leave you wanting more, much more, but it is just one of dozens and dozens of islands off mainland Scotland which are just waiting to greet you – the adventurer, tourist or scenery enthusiast – when you make your way to this beautiful land.

Let us take the leg work out of organising your special holiday, so that you can reserve those legs for the cycling or walking or any other activity you wish to do here.

Your options really are endless, but planning them doesn't have to be.

Experience Scotland's Wild will be delighted to help you plan your perfect, personalised Scottish vacation.  So give us a call on +44 1389 513467 or get us on email here at info@scotlandswild.com

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