Loch Lomond's First 5 Star Tour

Experience Scotland's Wild receives 5 Stars from Visit Scotland

We recently became the very first company within the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park to offer a 5 Star Tour around this stunning land. This was achieved in only our first year of providing visitors with a unique, personable and interesting, (Extra) Small Group Tour of the area. 

So Grant Anderson from Visit Scotland recently caught up with our Managing Director, John Stevenson and was interested in what John had to say about Experience Scotland's Wild receiving Scottish Tourism's highest award.

5 Star Tour Award 

Q: How does it feel to receive a five-star tour award on your first attempt?

A: To receive a five-star tour award on the first time of asking was extremely awesome. Getting this fantastic recognition is very exciting and shows that all the hard work is paying off. We'll certainly kick on from this though and we'll keep striving to improve.

Hopefully now that we have the recognition, this will encourage more visitors to join us for a great day out.  

It's all about #Sightdoing

Q: Tell me a bit about the company in your own words.

A: Experience Scotland’s Wild is not about sightseeing, it’s about sightdoing. We like to take people off the beaten track so they can truly experience and immerse themselves in Scotland’s beautiful landscapes.

It's different from your usual bus tours, which stop of briefly for visitors to take photos.  That does serve a need, though I really wanted to create something different and provide an alternative experience.
So when we arrive at a destination, we go out on foot and go for longer, more scenic walks and truly immerse ourselves in the Scottish landscape.

Why we want to provide Experience's

Q: What made you want to start Experience Scotland’s Wild?

A: I remember being very impressed by the way they did tours and catered for tourists when travelling around Australia and that really inspired me.

I was lucky enough that in my early 20’s I worked hard and saved up to go travelling for a year.  During my travels I visited so many stunning places, driving around for 2 months exploring New Zealand, seeing their fjords and mountains.  Travelling around Australia, scuba diving, hiking and working in youth hostels, plus meeting so many amazing people from all over the world.  I spent some time exploring the beaches and volcanic regions of Hawaii and fishing the lakes and rivers of Alaska. Even though I was blessed enough to visit all of these stunning lands, there really is no place in the world like Scotland.

It was during this time,  where I first came up with the idea of Experience Scotland’s Wild.

I really wanted to create something to show visitors how spectacular our country is and help provide them with experiences and memories that they would cherish for the rest of their lives.

Amazing Loch Lomond

Q: Is there something particularly special about Loch Lomond for you?

A: Loch Lomond's my favourite place in the world. I grew up in Balloch and I’ve also been lucky enough to be a Ranger in the National Park. Now I want to provide amazing and memorable experiences to as many visitors as possible and help them discover just how incredible Loch Lomond and the rest of Scotland really is.

We want to improve your Vacation 

Q: How do you manage the whole company, clearly to a very high standard, all by yourself? What drives you?

A: It’s really liberating to start my own business in something I feel so passionately about. Every visitor is different and every tour is unique. The feedback I get is a huge boost as well. To know that you’ve made someone’s holiday is really special and makes early starts and working until late worthwhile. I’m constantly learning and striving to grow & improve in every area.  The whole experience has been really enjoyable and I'm excited to continue providing wonderful experiences for Travellers from all over the world.

Best Day in Scotland
— Angela
Best Day Tour Ever
— lily

They had a great day exploring

Q: What's the most satisfying part of running your company? 

A: For me, there genuinely isn't a more satisfying feeling than when someone comes up to me at the end and tells me something like, that was their best day in Scotland, that was the best Tour they've ever been on or that they just really enjoyed their day exploring.  Showcasing Scotland and providing great experiences to visitors was the dream when I started Experience Scotland's Wild so it's awesome knowing that I'm living that dream.

Join us on our Award Winning Tour

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