Have you ever been to the Magical Pucks Glen?

Pucker up and fall in Love with Pucks Glen

While every hill and glen can reveal a hidden gem in this wonderful country of Scotland, there is something other-worldly altogether about Puck’s Glen, in the small village of Dunoon nestled on the south western point of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.


Where is Pucks Glen?

Just an hour or so drive away from Loch Lomond, the site is run by the Forestry Commission but apparently sculpted by God himself, or a perhaps a cinematographer plotting the next scenes in Game of Thrones.

From Glasgow, you have a couple of delightful options to get there.  Your options include a scenic ferry ride from Gourock or a sightseeing drive heading north along the A82 past Loch Lomond, Tarbet, Strachur and Glenbranter.


Magical Scenery of the Glen

Words cannot quite do justice to the scenery, natural beauty and experience you gain on a visit to this magical place. An enchanting time is sure to be had. In sunshine the light sneaks in through cracks in the landscape, shafts of brightness illuminating the alcoves as you pass through. In rain the sense that you have never, will never, quite visit a place like this again is intensified ten-fold. The waterfalls, and river flows increase in power, as do your senses all around you.


A variety of beautiful hiking paths

On arrival you can take one of three paths, varying in delight and difficulty, or formulate your own route to encompass all three in some way. What needs to be included in the central path, heading low down toward houses dotted just off Loch Eck, or high up into the hills.


A Poetic Spectacle

Either way the path is stunning, narrow and creaking and sodden, winding its way over and under fallen trees, round darkened bends with water cascading over the lips of mountainsides, the fast flowing falls never more than a few feet away.

It takes the breath away, but being properly pathed in such a location is a remarkable feat in itself and there's an element of tranquillity on a trip here, genuine awe and lots of natural beauty.


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Would you like to experience the magic of Pucks Glen?

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