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Experience Scotland's Wild caring for our country

At Scotland's Wild we believe in protecting this beautiful country we are lucky enough to call home. 

We understand that increased visitor pressure has an impact on the countryside, the paths, the landscape and the scenery.  

So here at Experience Scotland's Wild we are making a commitment to give back to the this beautiful country.

For every person who books through us we donate £1 to the John Muir trust who do an excellent job of looking after this wild land which we love.

The John Muir trust is a leading UK conservation charity dedicated to protecting Scotland's wild landscape.  The John Muir Trust protect and conserve some of Scotland's most diverse and spectacular landscape including Scotland's Highest mountain, Ben Nevis, Schieallion, Sandwood bay, Quinag in Assynt, some of the Cuillin on the Isle of Skye and around 3000 acres of wild and stunning Knoydart peninsula 

The John Muir Trust was founded in 1983, taking its inspiration from the fantastic and dedicated conservationist, John Muir (1838-1914), the famous Scottish founder of modern conservation and the reason that National parks exist world wide.  Like John Muir, the John Muir Trust believes in protecting, conserving and looking after Scotland's wild land so that wildlife may flourish and for future generations to enjoy.

The John Muir Trust works exceptionally hard to ensure the restoration and protection of a huge variety of Scottish habitat so that wildlife may roam our lands. The trust also work tirelessly to bring back lost species and help nature flourish. They help with the thankless jobs such as litter picks, beach cleans, footpath maintenance and other tasks so as to ensure anyone out enjoying Scotland may experience Scotland in all it's spectacular glory. 

Experience Scotland's Wild are proud to help The John Muir trust and will, along with raising funds, also participate in some practical tasks which need to be completed to ensure the scenery which we all love remains in it's stunning condition for years to come

Also if you would like to make a direct contribution to the John Muir Trust, you may do so by clicking on the John Muir Button bellow, which will take you directly to there website.


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