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Introducing the team

There’s a huge sense of pride and achievement knowing that you’ve helped enhance a visitors experience & it’s only possible due to the hard work & dedication from the whole Scotland’s Wild team
— John Stevenson, Founder & Managing Director


Tour Guide - John

John has been with the team from the start and has a real passion for ensuring clients have a spectacular time visiting.

Three words that describe yourself


Website & Content Manager - John

John has many years experience searching on line and posting on Facebook so we thought there was no-one better for the job

Fact about John

He once started a tourism business in Scotland so he could share his passion, enthusiasm and experience with visitors. 


Marketing & Sales manager - John

John once worked for one of the biggest phone sales companies in the UK.  Not long after he left, the company went out of business. We were sold on him as soon as we heard this and will now never let him leave.

What do you love most about your role?

I have a real passion for Scotland, and for visitors enjoyment of our country. So what I love most is making people aware of what we have here and giving them the opportunity to come explore and have their very own adventure.

Founder & Managing Director - John

There's always one slacker in the team and unfortunately our Managing Director is it. He would rather procrastinate all day by taking out tour groups, creating website content and talking to visitors.  

Why John loves Scotland?

I've travelled all over the world and I believe there is nowhere friendlier or as scenically beautiful as Scotland.

There's so much to see and share, we have a wonderful variety of Wildlife, lots of history, a great culture and diverse landscape that's accessible to all.



Why Choose Experience Scotland's Wild

In Scotland, there’s no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes
— Billy Connolly

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